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Royal Fenizic Airshipping Company

LZ 129 Hindenburg at Lakehurst, NJ

Luxury Airship Cruises

The Royal Fenizic Airshipping Company is committed to operate the Vex's latest, largest and most luxurious airship "Silver Hind" (aka Triple L) and offer the most splendid and relaxing airship cruises the Vex has ever experienced.

Company History

The Royal Fenizic Airshipping Company was founded in 307 as a joint venture of the Royal Fenizic airline, the leading airshiop constructor Paxton Tire & Rubber Co., Lamb's Cove, and the material supplier OF Petrochemical Corporation, Feniz. Design and construction was begun immediately. In mid 307, the first airship was already completed.

Technology of the Paxton-OFP Airship

The main idea was to replace as much as possible of the standard airship structure material duraluminium by a polyamide newly developed by OF Petrochemical Corporation and called ultrOFamid. Indeed, half of the dead weight or 59 tons of duraluminium could be replaced by ultrOFamid, saving as much as 35 tons and thus allowing for twice the number of passengers, compared to traditional construction.

Technical Data

main structure ultrOFamid duraluminium
specific weight 1.15 kg/ 2.81 kg/
dead weight 83 tons 118 tons
gross weight 220 tons
cruising speed 69 knots (125 km/h)
range 8,900 nautical miles 
(16,000 kms)
length, diametre 245 m x 41 m
crew 42 
(and remotely contr. engines)
54 (incl. 
12 engine operators)
passengers 154 72
freight 11 tons


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