The Lighthouse Keeper

Anonymous (c. 3 AP)

No ships come to Solace anymore.
No long sloops grace our docks today
Their white sails flash somewhere else
No gay children pointing to their wares
Laughing and begging father for more
No children anywhere anymore

God has cursed our vain pride
And cast down the azure
Never again to fly
Never again...

But in the black breaking
Prince and thief die alike
Side by side they lay
Buried in unmarked graves

Yet still I know as long as one man stands
True blood Lelane; this nation fair will hold!
And every ship come sailing in
Be met; and warmed with brotherhood
Though pirates sunk and raiders spurned
Our banner shall not fall so long as hands can grasp

But still
No ships come to Solace anymore.

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David Harper 2000)


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