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Juris Collectio Sententiae

[ECOLOGY - 21 DEC 301]

A man in Levits'ki (Sukha) has been fined 50 cm for picking up a cigarette-stub which had been thrown away by someone else.

He pleaded that he had removed a threat to the environment.

The court found him guilty of socially damaging behaviour. By his deed, he had endangered the employment of the street cleaners.

[TRAFFIC - 21 DEC 301]

The Local Court in Q'Wa-It (North Feniz) has withdrawn the driving licence of a man who had parked his car in a no-parking area in front of his home for a number of days. The next car park was 200 meters away.

The judge expressly disqualified him as obviously being unwilling to obey traffic rules. He said: "If the traffic were a sport, many more drivers would lose their licences, being disqualified for breach of the rules."

The Grand Muftiyya (ministry of justice) warned drivers to obey the rules as the practice of the courts would be likely to follow the reasoning of this judgement.


The Grand Kadiyya (the former Royal Supreme Court of Judicature) has confirmed the sentence for a psychiatrist because of a false Expert Opinion of his.

The psychiatrist had to state his opinion on a person who was sentenced for a capital offence, but not to prison but to closed psychiatric treatment. His opinion was the the person was healed and able to be released. Immediately after release, the person committed the same crime again.

In the following trial at the Emirate Court of Levits'ky, another psychiatrist delivered his opinion that the person has by no means been healed, and that the former psychiatrist had been mislead in his judgement.

The person was put into closed psychiatric treatment again. The former psychiatrist was tried and sentenced for the consequences of his false opinion, including the new crime.

The Grand Kadiyya, appealed to for revision, confirmed the sentence of the Emirate Court of Levits'ky. The Grand Kadiyya justified:

A Court is not in the position to judge upon difficult medical or psychiatric matters. The Expert Witness must be conscious of his responsibility to the society. He must not judge according to his wishes not to some faint ideas of illness or health. He must be all sure of his opinion before he presents it to the court. If he is sure, he is liable. The psychiatrist was to be sentenced. 


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