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Disclaimer: This is all fiction

Feniz is a fictional country on the virtual planet Vexillium as a part of the web and mailing-list based (PBE) geo-simulation / nation-building and role-playing game (RPG) ImagiNations invented by Planet Master Edward J. Mooney, Jr. Resemblance to any real facts or persons is entirely coincidental and not to be taken seriously - no harm was meant.

No liability of any kind is accepted.

Disclaimer on external links

Links to other sites are offered with the understanding that the author of this site - Winfried Schrödter - is not responsible for the contents and/or services of those other sites.

Third Party Copyrights

The author of this site respects the copyrights of third parties, and expresses this by mentioning the respective authors if they are known to him. Preview pictures from and similar servers have been used without declaration as they are deemed to be copyright-free, as opposed to the full-scale pictures which have not been used. Everything else on the pages associated with the present game (ideas, layout, graphics, and html / css / javascript code) is © by Winfried Schrödter.

TECHnical Stuff

The game often requires out-of-character or out-of-game explanations or background information. In other games, this type of information is often bracketed by <sim off>...<sim on> or the like. In this game, we are using the term TECH (meaning "technical stuff") and write <TECH>...</TECH> in different manners. 

On the pages of this site, I am using double brackets which are turned, by javascript, into a clickable question mark, like this: [[example tech remark]].

The use of TECH information is described in the rules of the game.

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See also my TECH pages on Wikivex.

On the pages I made for this game I realized various ideas.

  • Firstly, I was bound by the rules of the game to respect the fictional history of the country. It was not unusual, however, on Vexillium as well as in the real world, to get rid of a former government by revolution.
    Furthermore, I solved the problem of neighbouring states without players playing them by declaring them "unstable", and eventually I occupied one of them, Hochlandia.
    The better way would be to have custodians for all nations not ultimately allocated to a player.
  • Secondly, I felt forced to comply with the geographic and climatic situation (hot, desertuous) which I made use of by founding my economy on petroleum. In consquence, the state went Arabic although I mixed Arabic and Turkish elements and terms.
  • This was also the reason to adopt Mounism, Vexillium's equivalent to Islam, as the main religion, which does not mean that Mounistic ideas are basically Islamic. On the contrary, the Caliph is really spreading Christian ideas, including citations from the (real-world) Bible.
    I did not know, at the time I took this decision, that Max had meant Mounism as a means to spread his own concepts, via the state of Djeriga. I did not intend to rob it from him.
  • Thirdly, I worked out (or in) some ideas I had long before, like the doctrine, structure, and rank insignia of the military, partly taken from other fictional states I used to develop as a child and student.
  • And not to forget, I tried to introduce humoristic elements by the way I let my nation look upon things, or e.g. by the proper names. The names are often German terms spelt so that an English pronounciation will yield the German word. Or they are English words with varied spelling in order to conceal them.
  • I defined everything I found necessary for the game. All other things may be taken as being like on earth. However, it is vital to understand that not everything must be like on earth, or must be realistic.
  • In the course of the game, I tried to back up all relevant actions taken and facts claimed or alleged by my nation in the appropriate context; i.e. if I mention a fact it will be documented on these pages. However, the pages are not always up to date in this respect.


He who says, all is true,
is a fool -
he who says, all is untrue,
is a liar.

from Idries Shah:
Caravan of Dreams

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