The following story gives an impression how the policy of Feniz is - or seems to be - directed. The concrete cause for this episode was the need to realign the policy after an unfortunate move to economic utilization of the continent Glaciaria.

Four Men In A Tent

A "behind the scene" on how Feniz's policy was realigned...
16th December, 301AP

Stillness had returned to the area. The wind was blowing gently over the dunes and let sand trickle on the tent which was only barely visible in the dust. The unrest which had come with the arrival of several heavy pick-ups and a helicopter just before sunset seemed forgotten.

Inside the tent, four men squatted in a wide circle in the traditional manner. When the last of them, dressed with more splendid clothes than those already present, had entered the tent, his low "Moun-be-with-you" was answered by the others, and it had not been quite clear whether their muttering was merely a mechanical reply or a sign of already deep involvement in sincere matters.

In the center of their circle, the usual copper pot of tea was not missing, and the servant who had brought it had duly been dismissed. As always, an invisible but effective cordon of guardsmen outside the place would prohibit that intruders could overhear the discussion which was about to evolve in the tent.

But for the time being, all of the four seemed to be pondering their own thoughts. Corresponding to the dim light, no noise was heard apart from the sand trickling on the canvas, the men's breathing, and occasional sipping at the hot tea.

"Well," one of them cleared his throat tentatively. Nobody even stirred. Silence returned.

After a couple of minutes - it may well have been half an eternity, because in these meetings, time was not important - the newcomer raised his voice and spoke: "In the name of Moun the Graceful and Almighty, we have assembled in this place. May He in His wisdom show us the way, the direction, may He lead our decisions to a better end." His "Ahmeen!" was echoed by the three, but still, the silence as such was not broken. Obviously, and unlike their previous meetings, a matter of heavy weight and maybe long reach lay before them.

The future policy, if not the future of the state! Their state - Feniz!

Elder Sultan W'Infri-Ed took the lead, as ever: "Effendis, I thank you for coming here. Special thanks to you, Role*), for escaping from hospital to join us. I hope you all had a jouney as good as I had."

He continued: "You all know why we have gatherd this time. We were facing some heavy storm, from the international scene. I want to ask you for your assessment of the situation, as always, and hear what ways ahead you envisage.

"From my point of view, the Guadacoan situation is as follows:

"Allacoa has no right to use Guadacoa economically, from their treaty of entrustment, not from the Glaciaria Convention which they didn't sign, as Feniz didn't sign. Therefore Feniz would have the right to produce oil there, and Allacoa would not.

"Christiana has the right of self-defence, not more, being neutral like Feniz. But as long as they claim a pollution to be an attack of sorts, they cannot be denied the use of military force. This may have been mistaken by our ambassador to the UNV, what was his name?"

"Is'Quai-Et," Sultan I'D Doo-Itt replied.

"Thank you, Itt. Now, Glaciaria as such. Role, you set a high value on oil production in as far away regions as Glaciaria. Why? We have enough at hand here. It is an enormously expensive enterprise, isn't it? Is it really worth it?"

I'Foundpat-Role: "Well, we gain a lot of experience in off-shore operations. Yes, don't look like that at me. Of course we could do the same just before out coast..." His voice fades away.

"That's the point I wanted to make," Neer'Too-Gott fell in. "There is absolutely no requirement to bother half the world with activities that are so needless as this drilling-job. Feniz would stand much better in the international community, far better, if we would blow into the environmental horn. It is not a bad thing, and we don't loose anything, do we?" he beamed.

Finally I'D Doo-Itt began to speak: "We must not forget that the other nations - and I'm speaking of those who sent their navies to chase the Allacoans - violated an important rule, that of the appropriateness of means. What will that say? Given that Christiana sensed an attack onto their integrity by way of environmental pollution, it still was not necessary to send two dozens of men-o-war to bring Allacoa home. One of those heavily armed vessels would have been far more than enough. It is mainly this fact that upset G'Ensh-Er, his ambasadors, and myself."

"Agreed," Neer'Too-Gott replied, "but they must not violate that rule themselves by scolding Christiana without restraint."

"That's what I told them at last."

"Too late. It seems that the voice of Feniz is no more heard with pleasure in the Vex. We should see to it that our word is determined, but friendly. If you have to rebuke your brother, tell him under four eyes at first, then go to him with a witness. Only if he persists in his error, go to court. You went to court with them at once..."

"Agreed, this one," I'D Doo-Itt gave in.

W'Infri-Ed, who had served more tea to them in the meantime, concluded: "Friends, we have come to terms as follows:

"Firstly: Feniz will stop scolding publicly. Enough is said about what is right and what is wrong.

"Secondly: Feniz will push forward environmental issues, one of them being the joint venture with Estontetso.

"Thirdly: Id'S-Oylof Feniz will stop its Glaciaria engagement forever. Feniz will sign any convention to this end.

"Fourthly: We'll look for another Foreign Secretary. I propose Prof. Dr. Kurt S. Schroedtnigg, currently professor for international politics at the Kyjovo University, an ethnic Frankisch with relationship in Phenixia, who has only one problem: His health. I nevertheless propose to ask him.

"Effendis, any other business? No?" And smiling, he continued: "Would then anybody mind letting in the dinner now?"

A general deep sigh of relief went through the tent, and calls like "No!" and "Ah!" were to be heard over a long distance.

*) Note on Fenizic names: The last particle of the names is the personal one, referred to as "first name" in real world terms. So Elder Sultan W'Infri-Ed = Ed, OF President I'Foundpat-Role = Role, Caliph Neer'Too-Gott = Gott -no harm meant-, Sultan I'D Doo-Itt = Itt

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